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Had a good weekend, though very busy--so much social interaction, halp. Among other things, drove [personal profile] kinetikatrue to New York for a concert and got second row at The Mystery of Edwin Drood through the wonders of student rush. I can't say I've ever participated in choose-your-own-adventure theatre before, but it was a very good production and the play is just meta enough that the actors descending into the audience to troll for votes actually worked. And the ending we got worked surprisingly well: Rosa is such a bland ingénue on the surface that I was really dubious when the audience voted her the murderer, but she's also been seething under the attentions of Edwin's rapey uncle the whole time and--crucially--no one ever steps in to help her. The explanation that Edwin had borrowed Creepface's cloak against the weather, and that Rosa saw him approaching her alone in the dark and didn't realize who he was until she'd already taken matters into her own hands and strangled him, actually makes the whole thing more poignant and more interesting.

Less cheerfully, New Jersey roads are a Kafkaesque nightmare that only make sense if you try to imagine someone playing pick-up sticks with cooked spaghetti and deciding to impose order on the chaos solely through the application of "no left turn" signs. New Jersey also ate an astounding amount of my money--ditched the car in Hoboken and took the PATH train into the city, which would've worked great except that (a) the parking garage rates were misleading as fuck, and (b) the entire PATH system was closed overnight, with no notices I could see on the train coming in, and I had to take a cab back to Hoboken. None of which would be ruinous, except that work STILL hasn't reimbursed me for the last business trip they sent me on, leaving me short a chunk of change equal to one-fifth my annual salary. Over a year's worth of rent. Yeah, it all came out of my savings account, but jesus that's a hefty sum to be dragging your feet about getting back to someone over the Christmas holidays, and they're thinking about sending me out again at the end of the month.
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New Jersey roads are a Kafkaesque nightmare that only make sense if you try to imagine someone playing pick-up sticks with cooked spaghetti and deciding to impose order on the chaos solely through the application of "no left turn" signs.

Possibly my favorite description of NJ roads ever. And so true!

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Tell them to cough up what they owe and you'd happily go out again. But yeesh. Pay a woman!!

UGH. What a mess. Sounds like the type of driving fun you'd get in Washington DC.


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LOL, I live in DC (and grew up around here), and I can safely say New Jersey's got us beat. The thing about DC proper is that the streets are supposed to make sense, in an overly-elaborate confusing way with a grid divided into quadrants, but streets tend to disappear on you and there are crazy diagonals bisecting everything and a bunch of street names don't follow the rules, so just when you think you've got it figured out it turns around and kicks you in the teeth. But there's just enough of a grid that you can sort of navigate without knowing an exact route, even if it means detours and trial and error and possibly winding up in Anacostia with no idea how you got there.

Whereas I'm pretty sure some of the roads we were lost on in New Jersey actually defied the laws of geometry, because I have no idea how you can fight your way northeast for an hour and a half and still end up five miles south of where you thought you originally started out. (That, and the Observer Highway is so named because it sees without being seen: it doesn't actually exist, no matter how hard you look for it, until you're already on it and cursing because you're going the wrong way and can't turn left.)

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*Laughs* All I remember is hubby thinking he'd 'save us money' by skipping the metro (over my protests). That was a three hour nightmare I'll never forget! And you say NJ is WORSE?! Oh boy...definitely not driving there!!

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NJ is... I was going to say "fine if you stay on the interstate," but if you're going to New York and you stay on I-95 (seems reasonable!) instead of taking the fork for the Delaware Memorial Bridge cut-through, it eventually spits you out going the wrong way on I-295. Which then dead-ends. So yeah, stay out of New Jersey.

And yeah, Metro costs money up front, but it'll save you a boatload of money on parking alone, to say nothing of gas and years off your life when you get lost.

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Rosa's ending is my favorite. :D (I was in the show in high school) BUT WHO HOOKED UP AT THE END?

[identity profile] 10littlebullets.livejournal.com 2013-01-08 08:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Rosa's ending is indeed excellent. :D My only regret is that Betsy Wolfe grabbed her chance to ham it up panto-villain style and ran with it, when actually it would work v. well as a serious ending, but the show is so blatantly meta by that point that it probably works better that way... plus, I totally do not begrudge her the opportunity to play an ingénue and a panto villain in the same night.

Datchery was Helena Landless (yay crossdressing!). Chita Rivera as Puffer was voted in by a landslide as Candidate #1 for the happy ending, and then the audience apparently decided tonight was the night to be terrible people and/or crackshippers, because she wound up hooking up with the gravedigger's boy. Who looked all of fourteen, bless.

[identity profile] reconditarmonia.livejournal.com 2013-01-08 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey, if Helena hadn't been Datchery, you could have got the terrible-people-crackshippers Helena/Neville ending. :P Literally, there are endings for every possible male-female combination in the cast. I seem to remember Puffer/Crisparkle being my favorite and having sexual innuendo.