Mar. 29th, 2014

tenlittlebullets: (winterborn)
I'm not gonna lie, my favorite part of the "threaded discussion on Dreamwidth!!!" push in Les Mis fandom is that I can subscribe to so many more people than I can on Tumblr. (Yeah, I'm still in the LJ-acquired habit of needing to backread my dash to the point where I left off last time, which severely limits how many people I can follow.) Threaded discussion! Non-redundant content on my flist! Not having to stare wistfully at posts from cool people and wish I could follow them without making my dash completely unmanageable!

So: whether or not we are mutual-following on Tumblr, if you add me and your journal is not 95% made up of Fandoms I'm Not Into, I will probably add you back, and be very happy to be able to do so.