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Haven't been online all day, so am not caught up on anything (depression attack, unable to get out of bed, and then FAMILY and somehow everything was all right and they love me lots and sat me down and hugged me over my frantic apologies for being late for the Christmas Eve service, and I got to ring Carol of the Bells on the church bells, and my brain is still not a great place but maybe there is grace at Christmas after all).

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say OMG LES MIS MOVIE GO AND SEE IT NOW.
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Oof holiday stress. Hope things have/are improving :-)

Question that the intarwebs aren't answering me (and I have to wait til 18 January to see this film aughhhhhh): R's line (from the screenplay) during Orestes fasting - did it make it into the movie?
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Aw boo. I was really hoping it'd make it in. Hoping for a directors cut on the DVD ;-)

How were the barricade boys?