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tenlittlebullets: (winter soldier)

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Created on 2010-07-26 02:26:50 (#536098), last updated 2017-04-05 (27 weeks ago)

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Name:Ten Little Chances to be Free
Website:Carpe Horas
Ten little bullets in my hand
Ten little chances to be free
One for the king of this great land
Two for the aristocracy
Three for the bishops and the clergymen
Four for the prefects of police
Close your eyes
I'll say when
Now's your chance
Count to ten

Mostly living on Tumblr these days. tenlittlebullets for Les Mis fandom stuff, shinelikethunder for Marvel, Doctor Who, and everything else.

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abject geekery, ace mcshane, androgyny, art nouveau, baroque music, bel canto, big finish, bisexuality, black widow, books, bootlegs, calvin and hobbes, captain america, catholic martyrs, cats, cemeteries, characters who suffer prettily, chopin, civil liberties, coding, corsets, cosplay, crack pairings from hell, cryptography, darkfic, david bowie, david tennant, dead gallifrey jokes, dead languages, desecrating literature, doctor who, doctor/master, emilie autumn, enjolras, enjolras/grantaire, fanfiction, fencing, french, french revolution, gallows humor, genderfuck, george sand, german, gilbert & sullivan, good omens, gothic (the language), gothic (the subculture), guttermindedness, harry potter, headbanging to bach, his dark materials, historical linguistics, hydra trash party, javert, kink, languages, latin, les amis de l'abc, les misérables, lord of the rings, martha jones, mcu, meritless smut, meta, neal stephenson, nine inch nails, notre dame de paris, obsession, old maps of paris, opera, oscar wilde, overanalyzing everything, pan's labyrinth, paris, patrick o'brian, pedantry, phantom of the opera, philology, piano, pointy-toed boots, pre-raphaelites, privacy, puns, rammstein, ravenclaw, remus/sirius, research, romanticism, sarcasm, seventh doctor, singing, slash, star wars, steve rogers, sweeney todd, tenth doctor, the cure, the sisters of mercy, tolkien, trouser roles, v for vendetta, vautrin, victor hugo, victoriana, vidding, vintage erotica, winter soldier, x-files, xkcd
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