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on my oldest Tumblr pairing tag

(Archived from a Tumblr post at http://shinelikethunder.tumblr.com/post/102324449261/just-wanted-to-say-that-your-unsafe-insane-and)

punnyknitwit asked:
Just wanted to say that your "unsafe insane and nonconsensual" tag popped into my head the minute I saw our new Doctor/Master pair on screen. You really have summed the relationship up very neatly.

Hah, glad to hear it! It’s the kind of phrase that once it drops into your head, it’s too apt to not make repeated use of it. Because yes. Them. High-stakes, high-octane power play with no safeword whatsoever.

(Well. I say “no safeword.” But one of the twisted, compelling things about their interactions in Utopia/SoD/LotTL is that both of them use “nope, time out, I’m done playing games with you" as a move in the game–an assertion of ultimate power over the situation. Which, in the end, neither of them truly has. God, I will never stop being fascinated by these two jerks.)

Quick LJ/Dreamwidth note: I'm checking the 'do not show on friends page' tickybox for the vast majority of my backdated Tumblr meta so as not to spam, but I'm letting a few through in case anyone's interested.

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