Mar. 31st, 2014

tenlittlebullets: (tl;dr)
omfg, buried in Saint-Merry stuff up to my eyeballs. There's the translation of the public-domain portions of À cinq heures nous serons tous morts, the trial transcripts (which fortunately are just a matter of picking over Google's versions for weird OCR errors, but dude, I'M NOT TRANSLATING THEM SOMEBODY ELSE DO A HIGHLIGHTS VERSION OR SOMETHING, the whole thing runs to like 100,000 words), similar OCR-picking for Rey-Dussueil's novel Le Cloître Saint-Méry, and chasing down more primary-source accounts (most of them by famous authors, so hopefully already available online in translation) in Sayre & Löwy's L'insurrection des Misérables. Plus hemming and hawing over some of the amazing in-copyright print sources (mostly Sayre & Löwy and the explanatory notes for À cinq heures...) and how much I could share/translate without (a) getting dinged by the publishers, and (b) taking bread out of the mouths of the excellent people who've managed to study this stuff professionally. I almost wonder what would happen if I approached the publishers about doing an official English translation? Because I think there are a number of people in UK and American Les Mis fandom and assorted other historical interests who would be happy to shell out money for these books, but are being held up by the language barrier or the cost of importing books from France, which is ridiculously high even compared to other European countries.