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Okay. I'm going to try something. Since Tumblr seems to be going the way of LJ in terms of finding ever-more-pointless ways to piss off its userbase and make the site functionally unusable, I'm going to take a stab at a hybrid approach a few people have floated. The basic idea is to stop using Tumblr's semi-broken read-more feature and instead link to a full version posted on Dreamwidth--the other main benefit being that anything you'd use a cut for probably belongs somewhere with a comments section or somewhere with friends-lock controls or both. I'm going to combine that with going back through my meta tags and starting to copy old posts to Dreamwidth.

What does this mean if you're following me on Tumblr? Not much of a change, hopefully. You can still like/reblog/etc the Tumblr post with the pre-readmore intro in it. Clicking the link will take you to the full post in a slightly different layout, that's all, hopefully with a link back to the Tumblr version. (Also, if you start clicking around or backreading, bear in mind that you will probably stumble across some very old posts. This place is a mirror of a LiveJournal account I've had since I was a dweeby 15-year-old in 2003 and actively maintained until 2013.)

What does this mean if you've got me added on Dreamwidth or LJ? Fingers crossed, a small uptick in actual activity. Mostly in MCU fandom, so apologies to Les Mis or Doctor Who people who have no interest, and no hard feelings if you decide to drop this blog. The archiving of old meta posts will be backdated, so hopefully it shouldn't flood your f-list.

Tumblr version: http://shinelikethunder.tumblr.com/post/132507316276/lets-try-this-tumblrdreamwidth-thing-again
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Since it would appear that I'm going to be spending at least a chunk of my online time on Dreamwidth, I went and picked a layout... and then spent hours customizing it, without even doing any major overhauls. I don't know if it was the original Dreamwidth template or the particular tweaks the creator had put on it, but the CSS was a mess. I discovered this when I went to make some pretty basic changes on the DW customization page (type your preferred font sizes and page colors into the nice textboxes, and our army of trained CSS gerbils will do the rest!) and only half of them took. The creator must've specified a bunch of things in her stylesheet that overrode the global values DW plugs in from the customization forms, which is an ugly kludge that meant I had to go in and insert an even uglier kludge in the form of endless custom-CSS overrides. All this just to get the font sizes and colors the way I wanted them, and turn off the ugly smallcaps in all the headers.

And then since I was already there I started fucking around with spacing and alignment to make everything more readable and less cluttered. And I discovered it is actually quite difficult to make something pretty, readable, and clean, especially on a site like DW that has loads of nifty features and doohickies and metadata and sidebar modules. Link color not sufficiently different from text color? Fucking unreadable--your eyes just slide right over the links. Link color not sufficiently different from background color? Fucking unreadable--you can't even read the links. All your sidebar modules have different alignment and margins? Looks like a fucking mess. Metadata/comment-links font size bigger than actual entry text and in ugly smallcaps? Shoot me now.

And even then, the CSS was such a mess that there were some things I just couldn't figure out how to override. *cries* I just want the visited-link color in the sidebar to be the same as the main link color like it is everywhere else, and the comment/edit links to be aligned right with the rest of the metadata. How hard is that?

Anyway, hats off to the DW design team for making the site pages so feature-rich and yet so simple and readable. Finger-wag to the designer of this particular layout. And a big middle finger to LJ for somehow managing to make their pages too full of whitespace and head-explodingly cluttered and browser-breaking.
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Testing Dreamwidth cross-posting, since I finally got around to importing my LJ entries. If all goes well I'll be doing this for all entries in the future--though fear not, comments on the LJ version of the post will stay enabled, and I'll still be reading my LJ flist.

Why the shift to Dreamwidth? Because it's nifty, its general ethos reminds me of pre-buyout LJ, I have vague and aimless plans to play around with their development environment, and LJ has been going down the tubes lately. No outrage over specific incidents--though that comment-page redesign sure is an eyesore--I just realized at some point that every part of LJ except the journals themselves has started feeling like Facebook and that DW's site pages all feel oddly like home. (And I guess by "home" I mean "LJ circa 2004.") Might as well adopt Dreamwidth as a base of operations, even as campaigns continue in the Livejournalian theater.


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